Cosplayers and Orange County Artists Geek Out at AnaCon

Anaheim Central Library turned into nerd paradise last Saturday when AnaCon celebrated Orange County’s independent comic book culture with sci fi book readings, an artist market place, and a cosplay competition.

Attendees dressed as characters from Star Wars and Ghostbusters pushed and shuffled between aisles of books, visiting booths and making their way to panel discussions. Others were dressed in intricate costumes that mimicked Darth Vader and Stormtroopers down to the smallest detail. There was even a life size replica of R2D2 that moved and made noise.

Outside, Anaheim’s Unsung Brewing Company set up a beer garden, selling adults pints of its flagship Anthia IPA. The brewery’s concept was based off a comic book created by the owners, which was also for sale.

Throughout the upstairs and in the library’s basements multipurpose room, artists and designers, many from Santa Ana, had their own colorful booths where they displayed and sold illustrations, paintings, comic books, and zines.

“It’s cool making a connection with someone who can relate to [what I do], ” said Santa Ana artist Beverly Salas. “It is really crazy and mind blowing to me when people tell me I inspire them.”

Also at AnaCon was, Libromobile a mobile bookstore in Downtown Santa Ana. The booth was stocked with new and used books along with handmade booklets that were donated by various artists and shops.

“The goal is to always provide books on a sliding scale so that the community can afford them,” said Libromobile owner Sarah Rafael Garcia.

But the main focus of AnaCon was obviously the comics and graphic novels that continue to inspire the nerd culture. New and old releases were sold by several local shops, including Comic Book Hideout, a Downtown Fullerton comic book store.

“I love supporting my community and helping out local businesses, libraries, artists, and making sure that kids and adults can can comics into their hands,” said Comic Book Hideout owner Glynnes Pruett.

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