Hiking Gas Prices

The Latest Opinion Piece

I always thought about driving and what driving would be like before I got my driver’s license. Now that I have had my license for almost two years, my opinion on driving has completely changed.

I thought driving was all about getting to your destinations quicker and having the opportunity to go wherever you please, but I now know it is a world of traffic jams, slow drivers and ever rising gas prices.

As a Californian, I will just have to accept the constant traffic along with the slow drivers, but why should I have to accept constantly draining my wallet every week to own a gas powered car?
I drive a V6, so I am saving some money compared to someone who owns a vehicle with a V8. However, these hiking gas prices make even owning a V6 difficult to make a living and keep a car running.
Recently, California has passed another law raising gas prices by 12 cents a gallon and are subject to increase to afford all of the infrastructure repairs.
This could be positive, one day, but I see it as penalizing drivers for some supposed promise of one day having luxury on the roads.
Why does California want to be the highest in the nation for gas prices when everything from McDonald’s to Starbucks is constantly increasing its prices?
The solution may seem to be to invest in a more economically sound vehicle or even a fully electric car, but why should I have to spend more money to save money? I enjoy the vehicle I currently own, and to me fully electric cars seem like a luxury with some vehicles costing more than $50,000.
If I purchased an electric vehicle, I would have to spend even more money if I ever planned to charge my car in my home. And with my luck I’d probably find lines at charging stations that actually cost money, with no opportunity to charge.
And now there is no benefit to riding the carpool lane as a single driver because people have learned the secret. A lot of Californians have now purchased electric vehicles and due to influx, electric vehicle owners will soon have to follow the same laws and regulations as any other vehicle on California state highways requiring two passengers.
How can this be the solution, California? You have just created a new way the state can take money from the individual licensed driver. No one asked the people if this was the best decision. Some elected officials in a room just made another decision for us.
Let me drive my V6 and do not penalize me if, God forbid, I purchase a V8 or a diesel car. The cost of living in this state is already high enough.

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