Inter-Club Council Raises Funds with Carnival Games

Twelve Santa Ana College clubs participated at the Inter-Club Council Carnival, a fundraising event that offered food, games and prizes on the Johnson Center Patio May 3.

Students paid one dollar to race and finish Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the Speech Language Pathology Assistant club.

The Adelante Club gave free pie to students to throw at them.

“The college gave every club the option of fundraising and we chose to offer fun activities and candy to get more people to join, get the word out and offer some free stuff,” Andrew Hohol Inter-Club Council Representative for Family of Colors said.

Clubs made their individual tables unique and themed with decorations with various items for sale and games related to their individual mission statements.

The Computer Science Club offered a game that tests your brain’s ability to concentrate using a plastic lighted machine and a head strap that tracks concentration levels.

The newly formed cheer club lifted members who were holding a red metal cup while students attempted to throw ping pong balls in it.

El Profe’s Disciples, one of the few philanthropic clubs in attendance, helps the homeless in Santa Ana by compiling and delivering 150 care packages filled with clothing, snacks and toiletries.

“Our club helps a lot of people and at club rush we had a large number of students who wanted to be a part of the club but throughout the semester we had only had about three students in attendance, so we want to actually do something to change that because we want to help,” said Inter-Club Freshman Daniel Ramirez said.

SAC’s Inter-club Council represents 28 clubs that range from the Anime Club to Club Apple, a club for aspiring teachers who were a part of the event Wednesday offering a photo booth and fun costumes.

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