Millennials Are Having Trouble Finding Better Paying Jobs and Here’s Why

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Young adults should not have difficulty finding careers that pay more than a minimum wage salary. Companies nowadays seem to require overly qualified individuals, when most millennials are still attempting to get established in life and have yet to gain the experience satisfactory to the majority of employers.

A study conducted in November 2016 by the specialized recruitment company, MRI Network, found that millennials believe that job postings should not focus on years of experience but more on what the potential individual wants, needs to work efficiently, and has to offer to a company.

“Employers should not advertise their jobs by primarily focusing on requirements for years of experience. They also need to offer aggressive compensation, strong career paths, and make prospective employees feel valued for what they bring to the company.”

Companies seem less and less interested in on-the-job training as well, and they set high expectations for the individuals that are actually considered for the position. Millennials are faced with the challenge of not having every qualification deeming them fit for the position and it often leads to them missing the opportunity altogether.

Companies should be willing to teach and develop people into hard workers. The hiring process should not be based on how many years of experience one may potentially have, but rather what the individual could potentially contribute to make a company more successful.

“Employers have raised the bar on the skills workers need to start a job on day one and are less involved in employee training. Young adults are largely on their own to acquire those skills” said Washington Post author, Jeffrey Selingo.

In the same study conducted by the MRI Network, it was found that employers may be the ones to blame for the lack of self-confidence that millennials have when it comes to achieving a higher paying position. Recruiters and employers seem to be focused on the wrong aspects and lack a thorough understanding of the young individual’s wants and needs regarding employment.

“Both millennials and recruiters revealed that employers have more work to do in terms of conveying a brand that is attractive to millennials. As companies begin to align their brands with the things that are most important to this generation – such as compensation and benefits, mentorship and opportunities for advancement – they will find it easier to attract and retain.”

In years to follow, fifty percent of the job market will be dominated by Millennials, and that number is expected to increase as more years go by. Employers will soon have to restructure their standards in order to prepare for a millennial-controlled sector.

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