Time to Shorten the Length of 16 Week College Semesters

The Latest Opinion Piece

Centers of higher education that offer semester systems for students should consider rethinking the actual length it takes to complete a college semester.

16 week semesters are just too lengthy, by the time finals come around half the college students lose the enthusiasm they once had earlier in the semester.

They start debating whether or not they should attend class or maybe put off a paper till the last minute, or don’t turning something in all together.

College semesters could easily be cut from 16 weeks to 12 or even 14 weeks, it would allow courses taught when the semester is on a break to be taught longer and it would help students wanting to boost their grade-point average do so much quicker.

Community college students may feel plagued by long semesters because one day they want to transfer to a university, and the lengthy semesters make it difficult to quickly improve a lacking GPA, making the student feel that they may spend far too long in community college.

A long semester also makes student life far too difficult during finals week. Educators test students on content that they learned four months prior which can be difficult to remember for a test. Shorter semesters would help students better retain information for finals because the information learned in the beginning would be easier to recall if there were fewer weeks.

Some college students are even taking five courses a semester, and that makes it even more difficult for someone to remember information from long ago especially with many different topics and learning outcomes.

Some students feel a quarter system only lasting eight weeks is overwhelming, yet feel underwhelmed the last four weeks under the semester system.

However, if students can excel in eight week courses, which many college campuses offer, why could they not exceed expectations in a 12 or 14 week semester?
This extra month may benefit teacher faculty monetarily, but it has no benefit for the college student who seems to check out the last two or three weeks in what feels to be a never ending 16 week semester.

Young people have taken on the heavy task of making something out of themselves by attending college, and this desire most times comes with impatience to finish each 16 week semester in hopes of being a step closer to a diploma.

With 52 weeks in a year, educators definitely need to restructure and shorten the semester systems length so students will stay as interested and involved as when they first chose to enroll for the college semester.

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