Gun Safety Laws Have To Change

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With the Parkland shooting recently occurring along with the 13 other school related shootings that have happened this year alone, 2018 School Shootings List has ignited an indistinguishable flame to improve gun safety laws in the United States.

Since Parkland children in high schools were the first to stand up and fight for gun control beginning in Florida, leading to a national school shut down that prompted students and educators to voluntarily leave their classes in support of victims of gun prompted violence.

The president has issued his own opinion regarding gun laws and has suggested the solution to the problem may be arming educators, Trump to Unveil Gun Plan That Includes Arming Teachers however, this can and already has led to problems. Donald Trump’s views have also not been supported by congress but some states and counties have taken the initiative to attempt to protect student bodies that does include arming faculty.

Since the Parkland Shooting there have been two reports of accidents occurring with armed faculty on school grounds during and before school hours. Calif. Teacher Shoots Gun In Class Injuring StudentUtah Teacher Shoots Herself In Leg While in School There has been more occurrences of armed teachers having mishaps and this certainly will not be the last time mistakes will happen.

If teachers are tasked to protect the lives of students potentially risking their own lives then there undoubtedly should be a talks of pay raises that don’t seem to be happening. I’m sure that is thought is going through many educators heads that in the near future that may have to yield a firearm. There should be an initiative to better arm security personnel on school campuses, not the teachers, and in the events of a life threatening event these armed personnel should be prepared and ready.

Schools should also take the initiative to inform and prep students for anything that might happen, there are so many like myself that don’t know what to do in the events of an emergency. Various retail locations in the US that sell firearms have upped the age to 21 and there is a bill in the makings to change the age to 21 in all locations that sell firearms, but that really doesn’t solve the problem because people under 21 can still get their hands on guns.

Walmart and Dick’s Raise Minimum Age For Gun-buyers to 21

A solution will not be easy to come by, but in the off chance the higher ups actually come to a decision I hope it is a solution that appeals to everyone including those who shoot for sport. Maybe the solution is taking away assault rifles or outlawing firearm upgrades but how many people are going to die before we make up our minds on how to handle gun control?

Maybe it’s a focus on mental health that is often ignored or discouraged needs to happen in order to make our schools safer for students and for our teachers.

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