Dons Can’t Find The Key

No matter what key Santa Ana College tried they could not open the lock Fullerton College shut out the Dons 85-0 at the 96th annual Key to the County Game at Yorba Linda High School’s Nathan Shapell Stadium.

Sac came to the field fierce, but soon lost their confidence as the 1st quarter ended 29-0 with Fullerton taking the lead.

The Hornets continued the streak into the 2nd quarter raising the score 64-0 making it close to impossible for the Dons to catch up.

The Dons had no answers when the 3rd quarter ended 78-0 and the Hornets continued to dominate the Dons.

Santa Ana went into overdrive but couldn’t get the upper hand going into the 4th. The Hornet’s added 7 more points leaving the Dons with no more keys to try ending the game 85-0.

The Dons are 1-3 overall on the season and will host L.A. Southwest in their Homecoming game Saturday Oct. 6 at 6 p.m.

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