Hey, dispensary workers selling me a 0.5 on top of my weed sack: I don’t know how many times I’ve gone into a spot to buy 2.5 grams and been told it doesn’t sell half-grams. I just don’t really see your logic. If you’re going to sell me a 3.5-gram eighth, then what’s wrong with selling me 2.5 grams if I’m going to pay for it? To me, this is a bad business move that I’m sure pisses off more than just me. If I’m offering you money, why don’t you want to take it? Maybe it’s because you greedily want me to tip you? But then why would I tip you when I feel you didn’t even provide proper service? I’m sick of getting angry over this “no half-gram rule” when weed is supposed to ease your stress away. Well, my stresses are not relieved because of your rules! You know who you are, and it’s time for a change. Put your customers’ needs over your jar weights, and you might gain more dedicated customers. In the meantime, you have definitely lost my business!

Weighty Subject [Hey, You!]

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