Al Austin

Name: Al Austin II Party Affiliation: Democrat Current elected position/Occupation: Long Beach city council member and Labor representative  Current residency: Long Beach Married/Single: Married with two children  Candidacy Website/Personal Website: AlAustin *While making the decision to drop out of the Senate race, Austin's name will still be on the ballot.  *Austin could not be reached for comment.  [...]

Ali Saleh

Name: Ali Saleh Party Affiliation: Democrat Current elected position/Occupation:  Bell City Council Member  Hometown: Bell Why he got involved in Politics: Similar to Ana Maria Quintana, Ali Saleh got involved in Politics to help improve the Bell Scandal underway in 2010 that involved Council members laundering money and bankrupting the city.   Current residency: Lynwood Interesting [...]

Martha Flores Gibson

Name: Dr. Martha Flores Gibson  Party Affiliation: Republican Current elected position/Occupation: Businesswomen and Teacher  Hometown: El Salvador  Current residency: Long Beach Married/Single: Married with children  Supports: The community, people over politics, changes in government function, and future opportunity for her children and grandchildren along with the residents who live within the district  Candidacy Website/Personal Website: MarthaFloresGibson Martha Flores Gibson [...]

Lena Gonzalez

“I really wanted to ensure that the policies that I was pushing here, making sure that people had access to better healthcare, a better environment, clean water and air and keeping working families out of poverty, I want to continue that work in the state senate and I know I can do it,” -Lena Gonzalez  [...]